Information - Payment methods



Paying with PayPal is easy!

After you have added PayPal as a payment method into your shopping cart and clicked the order button, you will be automatically be forwarded to PayPal. Please follow the instructions there. The payment process will only take a moment, please note no sensitive data is needed to complete this process. The amount is then deducted from your bank account through PayPal or your charged to your credit card.

The order will then be shipped by DHL. 

WARNING: Please be aware that the address entered into Paypal will by default (automatically) be used for the delivery address. If you are in the online shop and have a different delivery address, please be sure to change the address in PayPal. We can not accept any responsibility for misdirected shipments. If needed we ask you to contact Paypal.


Payment in advance

Transfer the amount due after receipt of order confirmation to our bank account. After payment we will send you the goods with our delivery partner DHL.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments

When checking out with Amazon you can shop using the payment and shipping information from your own Amazon account. This makes shopping with us quick, easy and safe. If you are using Amazon, you do not need to create a customer account with us.  You can pay directly with the data from your Amazon account. Just click the button in the shopping cart “Proceed to Checkout”. You can then select the desired method of payment, such as credit or debit card, and they will use the shipping address that is entered into the Amazon account. When paying via Amazon there are no additional costs and your payment information will not be shared. For more information and your order summary to check out by Amazon, please see


Immediate Transfer

"sofortü" is a new, innovative payment method with TÜV certificate and TÜV certified transaction security. "sofortü" was developed by Payment Network AG and has been used in numerous online shops in Germany. Via a secure form of payment with the Payment Network AG, “sofortü” automatically and in real time will withdraw money from your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly to the bank account of the merchant. You do not need to register in advance to use "sofortü” as payment method.


Bank details:
Owner $BankAccountOwner
Account Number $BankAccount
Bank Code $BankCode
Bank $BankName
BIC/SWIFT $BankSwift
IBAN $BankIban