The idea for EVENaBAG originated in the Grand Canyon on a U.S. road trip

Business and outdoors? Do they really go together?

Of course! Rocco Kruse has created an all-around multi-functional messenger bag that stands out from other bags: EVENaBAG. Whether you’re in the city, at a picnic on the weekend or traveling on vacation, EVENaBAG fits all your needs – and it looks great too. “I wanted to design a bag that could handle the challenges of life, work and leisure – and also had practical features. It’s a multi-functional bag with a sophisticated and unique design,” according to Rocco.

Road trips across the USA and Canada at route 66 with travel bag USA road trip to Grand Canyon wit EVENaBAG EVENaBAG messenger bag and New York Skyline in the USA

The idea for EVENaBAG was born in the Grand Canyon

Rocco came up with the central idea for EVENaBAG in the U.S. in Canyonlands National Park at Dead Horse Point: functionality combined with aesthetics. “I wanted to create a unique bag, a novel concept that works whether you’re traveling by car or on foot, at the airport or campground, in the city, in the park or on the beach. There were often situations where I really wished I had a compact bag with an integrated seat – sometimes just to set something down.”

Canada road trip with a Jeep to the Rocky Mountains With EVENaBAG beach bag at the California beach Reaching the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco USA

Traveling the endless highways of the USA and Canada 

Rocco loves nature and enjoys being outdoors. He travelled 25,000 Miles through 35 states with a Jeep on the endless highways of the USA and Canada: from New York on the East Coast through the U.S. to Los Angeles on the West Coast. Then he took Highway 1 in California north through San Francisco, Portland and Seattle to Vancouver, Canada and the Canadian Rockies. He also drove from New Orleans in the South through the USA to San Diego in sunny California. The land of opportunity has plenty of nature to offer, and the beautiful national parks in the USA have especially unique landscapes. Rocco’s favorite trip starts in New York on the East Coast, goes through Chicago and the Midwest, Kansas, and Denver, then through the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, Death Valley and the Great Salt Lake all the way up to Lake Tahoe in the Rocky Mountains – then to Portland and back down South via Highway 1 in California, through San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. It’s definitely an unforgettable adventure!

Camping seat and canoeing at a lake in the USA Outdoor hiking at a lake in USA Camping with EVENaBAG camping seat and MSR tent in the USA

A travel bag with four functions

Don’t forget EVENaBAG when you’re traveling! Whether you use it as a laptop bag or business bag in the city, on the beach on a weekend picnic, outdoors or for vacation, EVENaBAG is an extraordinary travel bag. With just a few simple steps, the messenger bag can be transformed into a comfortable camping seat with backrest, a mat or a hanging toiletry bag. EVENaBAG is also a practical diaper bag for Moms and Dads.

Beach bag and beach chair from EVENaBAG at Chicago beach in USA Camping wit Volkswagen bus and EVENaBAG toiletry bag at a mountain lake in USA Camping with EVENaBAG toiletry bag at a lake in USA