FAQ's - Frequently asked questions and answers


Is there an EVENaBAG commercial video?

YES ! On our website EVENaBAG you can watch a detailed commercial of the bag.


Can I leave my things in the bag when using the chair function?

Feel free to leave your items inside the bag while you take a seat. Fragile items should be removed when using the chair function upon your discretion.


What is the interior flap used for?

The bag was designed with a special interior flap that closes the bag & protects your things while you the EVENaBAG chair function. In everyday use the interior cover can be easily folded into the rear pocket .


How much weight can the EVENaBAG chair support?

The EVENaBAG chair has a user weight rating of 247 lbs/112 kg.


How much weight can the EVENaBAG hanger support?

The hanging shelf function is intended for small items only and is not for use as a seat. Maximum weight capacity: 11lbs/5kg.


Why does the leather have scratches?

We use "Vintage Leather" on this product, surfaces could have traces of age. Scars, scratches and slight color variations are normal and might vary from product to product.


How does the shoulder strap adjust?

The shoulder strap is a practical 3 point safety harness with a shoulder pad. The strap length can be quickly and easily adjusted by first putting the bag over your shoulder, then pull the strap rings to the desired length for the shoulder strap. To tuck away the extra strap length attach it to the clip found on the other end of the strap.