Rocco Kruse

Designer Rocco Kruse is the CEO and founder of ROCCO KRUSE GmbH based in Berlin-Germany.

How did EVENaBAG develop?

I am a creative entrepreneur who is always looking for new challenges. My work as a freelance interior and product designer have been essential to the growth of this company. My numerous trips to places in the USA, Australia & other parts of Europe have not only given me a variety of new perspectives, but also encouraged my passion for product design. During my travels there were times when I needed a multi-functional, durable product that would help me through the day! It was then that my idea to design EVENaBAG was born. I dreamt of a bag that could meet the challenges in everyday life, profession or simply be a great companion in ones free time. All of this while combining attention to detail, packaged in a sophisticated design was my goal.